Lake House Builders - Maine Home Builder

LakeHouse Design Build is a Maine-based firm that designs custom, high-quality, detached single family living spaces. LakeHouse Design Build works with architects, designers and engineers on projects large and small to meet our clients’ needs.

Because we both design and build we pay attention to the larger design picture as well as to day-to-day construction details, both of which are important to the ultimate success of your project.

Our entire business process is client-focused, ethically grounded and enables us to provide the highest quality service possible. This includes maintaining strict client confidentiality. We look forward to working with you.

One of the primary goals of our company is to design and build beautifully conceived extremely well-constructed, user-oriented living spaces. These spaces incorporate the best of the latest technologies (such as sophisticated sound control techniques) as well as traditional and contemporary building practices and materials.